Business information

It’s never good to make business decisions in the dark – looking at the whole picture gives you a much clearer and more beneficial view. This is also known as management accounting as it allows you to really manage.

Management Accounts

Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet

Accounts Receivable & Payable

The information you need, when you need it

What you need

You need to know everything about your current business finances in order to make vital decisions. You’ll be more confident knowing that the money is in the bank to cover crucial outgoings such as wages, tax bills or unpaid invoices.  And, of course, this is essential information if you’re looking for funding or outside investment to grow your business, consolidate or even sell it.

What we give you

We make sure you meet the key deadlines of every quarter.  These are the stressful days from the 22nd of the month right through to the 7th of the following one, during which time money typically drains away from businesses, often leaving their owners and directors in panic. We take that stress from you, making sure these deadlines don’t affect you or your ability to carry on with what you’re good at.

How you benefit

With Accounting 2 You’s bookkeeping service:

  • You have the business information you need at your fingertips to plan properly.
  • You know that the right amount of cash is available to cover those vital payments.
  • You keep a clear and up-to-date picture of how much money is coming in and what you’ll be paying out.

We look after:

Management Accounts

– your business performance


- by account

Profit & Loss

– standard and by class

Customer Balances

– so you can focus future sales

Balance sheet

– standard and by class

Accounts Receivable & Payable

– finding your missing money

Cash Flow

– including future predictions

For a clear understanding of how our management accounting service can provide better information about your company, call us on 020 3893 4764 or email

Let us take away your booking hassles

We will give you back meaningful information to help your business grow.