Credit control

Cash flow can be a major headache, so stringent credit control that makes sure your customers pay when they should keeps your business finances running smoothly and your stress levels down.

Control of the collection process

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Maintained debtor lists

Pre-due and post-due chasing

Clear control of your business income

What you need

Juggling cashflow is a tricky business: staff wages, tax bills and suppliers all need to be paid. If the money’s not there to cover your bills, your company is at risk. At best, late payers are annoying. At worst, they can cause a business to collapse.  It’s crucial to keep firm control of your income so that there’s money in the bank to keep your business afloat.

What we give you

With Accounting 2 You covering your back, your finances will be well looked after. Once your invoice is sent, you need the money you’re owed to be paid to you so you can get on with running your business properly and profitably. We guarantee this happens.

How you benefit

When Accounting 2 You bookkeepers look after your credit control:

  • You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that everything is under control.
  • More customers will pay on time.

For late-paying or difficult customers, we’ll handle the ‘chasing up’ in such a professional, friendly way that it helps to maintain superb relationships all round.

We look after:

Invoice chase-up before final due date

– to encourage payments on-time

First letter and chase-up

– a friendly, yet professional approach

Debtors and aged debtors

– keeping you fully updated

Your company name and reputation

– promoting excellent relationships with your customers

To find out more about how our credit control service can keep your company buoyant, call us on 020 3893 4764 or email

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